Tap into your full potential
NLP Practitioner
I experienced it as an honour to work in coaching with David . He is definitely one of the most remarkable coaches I have come across. As his analysis of situations is accurate and almost instant, he asks the right questions without imposing his opinion. He then gently helps to stay on track, guiding you through the process of finding the right conclusions and the best decisions. In addition to that, he himself has so much personal experience one can tap into. I could say he is the perfect "sparring partner" when it comes to life and work decisions.
Hilde Jaspaert- CEO IMP-ACT- Belgium

David is a very focused, thought-provoking individual. He combines humor, wit, and a strong business acumen to address problems, raise issues with a keen ability to identify solutions and alternatives, and asks the deep and introspective questions that help get to the root of the issue. He's an energetic and humorous individual, and wise beyond his years.
Drew Fredrick, Vice President, Operations, CampusTech

David is actually one of the most intelligent, free thinkers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He has a dynamic personality and a very positive attitude about work and everything in life. I have witnessed David carry a cause to a final positive conclusion as well as act as the catalyst to stimulate others to stretch outside their comfort zone.
Bill Cottrell, Sector Information Security Manager, Northrop Grumman