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What are the benefits of working with an Executive Coach?
The benefits of Executive Coaching include:
       · Individual career growth support
       · Development of a “leadership” presence
       · Increased individual and/or staff performance and productivity
       · Improved communication, assertiveness and conflict resolution skills
       · Assistance with professional creativity and innovation
       · Strengthening of organizational and time management skills
       · Improving work/life balance
       · Enhancing networking skills
       · Improving delegation skills
       . The relationship with an Executive Coach is confidential, objective and unbiased.

How long is the coaching commitment and what are the fees?
Each coaching experience is unique. Like any relationship, a successful coaching experience is built on trust and mutual respect. You must trust your advisor to assist in the development of an action plan. The more information shared, the more beneficial the experience. A typical coaching agreement lasts for six months to a year. Many initial executive coaching sessions last from two to four hours, with follow-up sessions varying from one-to-two hours. Follow-up coaching is done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on the desired results. Coaching can be done via telephone, e-mail, or in-person. The coaching engagement often begins with an assessment to establish an initial framework. Together, you and your coach determine the length and scope of the relationship.

Who do I contact to begin?
For more information about Executive Coaching or to begin working with D3 Coaching, please contact David DeHaven at 540-588-8879 or david@d3coaching.com

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